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SKT overlapping rollers

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     Sistemul inovator de jaluzele tip rulou OPOTERM cu montare în partea superioara este un produs adresat celor who are looking for a modern and complete system. SKT OPOTERM roller blinds can be used both in newly built buildings and in modernized ones. The system allows architects and designers to choose the optimal solutions.

      The design of the system allows the integration of the housing-wire roll on both sides, or only on one side, as well as the installation " without integration". A possible solution is the use of an integrated insect net in the roll housing (MOSKITO system). This integrated system allows the blind and insect net to operate independently 

     Fabricate din foi de tabla de înalta calitate, acoperite with two layers of PU/PA paint, the profiles are characterized by high abrasion and weather resistance. Thanks foam padding, the profiles ensure maintenance of heat and good acoustic insulation.

The degree of thermal insulation increases significantly. The roll cage integrata is an integral part of the facade. The front part of the case can be finished with any material (polystyrene, plaster, clinker, etc.), so that_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf5cf5 perfectly matches the facade and it remains unobserved. SKT OPOTERM system components do not interfere with windows, doors or lintels.

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