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Ideal for many construction situations

The narrow 74 mm construction depth is suitable for a variety of construction projects as well as in the renovation sector. The new special channel is integrated in all window sashes and allows the classic closure of the glass, gluing with GEALAN-STV® or wet gluing optimized_cc781905-5cde-3194-136bad5cf58d_for production_

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Meets the highest requirements for a profile with a construction depth of 70 mm+

Economic efficiency
This was the goal of product development from the beginning

The design

With its simple and clear shape, both externally and internally, the system also sets accents in terms of design. The narrow visible widths offer more light through a maximum glass surface of the windows.

•     The inclination of the profile of only 4° ensures a
modern design "language", with straight lines.
•    The window moldings are also modern with the same angular look for interior windows.
•     The system has narrow widths that are visible in all variants of manufacture and assembly. This results in reduced profile images and maximizes the proportion of glass.

Decorative foils

GEALAN offers standard foils in accordance with market requirements, complemented by a wide range of non-standard foils

•     Laminated profiles are available in different models:
•     Exterior foil with classic white inside
•    Foil on both sides of the profiles for a special appearance
•    Different sheets on the inside and outside of the profiles for more flexibility and customized requirements.

•     Foils with different surface structures are also available:
•    Structured or smooth sheets
•    RealWood single surface sheets


The new center gasket system achieves the best performance values in the 70mm+ market segment through an innovative system construction that has been designed to meet current and future market demands.

Basic technical characteristics

•    74 mm construction depth of the case and the sash
•    Three sealing planes for optimal thermal insulation
•    Glass thickness between 24 and 48 mm (with STV up to 50 mm is possible)
•    4° inclination of the upper surfaces of the profiles
•    13 mm overlap width
•    Five chambers in the sash, six chambers in the case
•    New technology for installing glass rods
•    Hole (back) compatible with all existing 74mm platform

•    The three sealing planes ensure impermeability and optimal thermal insulation.
•    The median sealing gasket between the frame and the sash ensures a high seal and the closing force is reduced.
•    The new solution of the central gasket was designed to offer a high degree of comfort and efficiency.

Secțiune Gealan Linear
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