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Thames shutters

 Technical data

Solar protection system for windows with fixed or movable slats.

 Opening possibilities

1, 2, 3 and 4 leaf hinge



» Closing possibilities

Closure with fixed or obliquely oriented lamellas

Opaque closure (sandwich panel)

Glazing with glass

» Sections

Frame 47 mm / Sheet 40 mm

» Profile thickness

Window 1.3 mm / Door 1.5 mm

» Maximum dimensions/sheet

Width (L) = 1,600 mm
Height (H) = 2,500 mm


Width (L) = 1,600 mm
Height (H) = 2,500 mm


Width (L) = 700 mm
Height (H) = 2,500 mm

» Maximum weight/sheet

65 / 50 / 120 Kg

Consult the maximum weights and dimensions for the other systems.
» Finishes

Dyeing colors

Wood imitation paint

Antibacterial paint


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Sun protection Blades

 Technical data

      Solar protection system for facades. This system of extruded aluminum slats allows the adjustment of the light so that remarkable results are obtained by saving money in the internal cooling system of the building as a result of the creation of shadow areas that reduce the energy incidence to which they are subjected.

To cover the most diverse needs, there are slats of different sizes that adapt to any type of project.

It is a system with two types of blades: fixed and mobile. The first ones offer fixing possibilities forming angles of 0º, 15º, 30º and 45º. The movable slats can be operated mechanically and optionally the adjustment mechanism can be hidden, obtaining a special facade aesthetic.

The lamella used has an elliptical shape and its layout can be vertical or horizontal. This singular elliptical shape allows avoiding the less beneficial effects of the sun, as well as functioning as a decorative architectural element. This solar protection system is particularly suitable for large surfaces such as facades and curtain walls.

    Blade types

Fixed: 0º, 15º, 30º or 45º

Motorized and manual
     Blade dimensions

Blades 120 mm: Fixed 1.8 m

Blades 145 mm: Fixed 2.2 m / Movable: 1.9 m

Blades 190 mm: Fixed 2.5 m / Mobile: 2.4 m

Blades 250 mm: Fixed 3.0 m / Movable: 3.0 m

Blades 300 mm: Fixed 3.5 m / Movable: 3.4 m

Blades 400 mm: Fixed 4.2 m / Mobile: 4.0 m

     Profile thicknesses

Blades 120 mm / Thickness: 1.25 mm

Blades 145 mm / Thickness: 1.35 mm

Blades 190 mm / Thickness: 1.70 mm

Blades 250 mm / Thickness: 1.90 mm

Slats 300 mm / Thickness: 2.00 mm

Blades 400 mm / Thickness: 2.50 mm


Painting / Anodizing

 Technical data

Extruded aluminum slats created for external and internal closures, with light and visibility control, always allowing ventilation of the installation from one end to the other.

Blade types


Decorative shutters

Shutter clip

Mini balloons

Tubular blades

Decorative slats

Facade cover slats:

In the form of profiles

Wavy in a square shape

Shutters / Length (max) 2.0 m / Visibility 71% at 55º

Decorative shutters / Length (max) 1.5 m / Visibility 56% at 50º

Clip shutters / Length (max) 2.0 m / Visibility 80% at 63º

Mini balloons / Length (max) 1.3 m / Visibility 55% at 45º

Tubular slats / Length (max) 2.0 m / Visibility 76% at 90º

Decorative slats / Length (max) 6.5 m / Visibility 86% at 90º

*According to the project specifications, the slats may have longer lengths (consult).


Painting / Anodizing

 Decorative blades

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