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Cortizo COR60

 Technical data

 - Maximum glazing 46 mm

  Possibility to open
Internal opening: swing, oscillo-swing, folding, oscillo-parallel and oscillating.
External opening: hinged, projecting-sliding, pivoting with horizontal and vertical fixing.

- Sections

Shell – 60 mm / Sheet – 68 mm

- Profile thickness

1.6 mm window
Door 1.6 mm

- Thickness  polyamide bar 24 mm

- Maximum dimensions/sheet
Width (L) = 1500 mm
Height (H) = 2600 mm

- Max weight / sheet 160 kg

-  Finishes 
Possibility of Bicolor / Dyeing / Elofixing

- Thermal transfer coefficient 

Uw from 1.0 (W/m²K)

Consult the typology, size and glass 
- Maximum acoustic insulation 
Rw=48 dB

- Air permeability (UNE-EN 12207): CLASS 4

- Water tightness (UNE-EN 12208): CLASS E1350

- Wind resistance  (UNE-EN 12210): CLASS C5

Reference test 1.23 x 1.48 m 2 sheet.

Logo Cortizo

Cortizo COR70

- Hinged window system developed to meet the needs of a certain market segment with an economical, simple and versatile carpentry with high performance.
- Having 70 mm. heel thickness and European Channel hardware, this innovation of the R+D+I Department with a heat transfer coefficient of only 0.9 W/m²K to be able to adapt to different climatic conditions and energy efficiency needs.
- Due to the simple assembly method and the reduced need for labor, it allows industrialized production with time and cost savings. 
- The possibility of using wands with straight or rounded aesthetics.
- The possibility of glazing up to 55 mm, which allows the use of energy-saving glass and large thicknesses, giving this system excellent acoustic and thermal performance.
- It presents the possibility of using hardware with hidden hinges.
- The possibility of using Evo Security safety hardware.

- Maximum glazing 55 mm

- Possibility of opening

Internal opening: hinge, oscilloscope, parallel oscilloscope and oscillating.
External opening: door, designer-sliding, pivoting
with horizontal and vertical fixation.

-  Sections

Frame – 70 mm / Sheet – 78 mm

- Profile thickness

1.5 mm window
Balcony door 1.7 mm

-  Thickness polyamide bar 32 - 35 mm

- Maximum dimensions

Width (L) = 1500 mm
Height (H) = 2600 mm

- Maximum weight 160 Kg

- Finishes  

Possibility of Bicolor / Painting / Anodizing

Cortizo COR70 hidden sash

      A new design of the European Canal sash window with thinner profiles, characterized by a section of only 6 mm visible from the outside and which maximizes the glazing surface, it being possible to reach 85% glass from the total surface of the window. This characteristic allows an extraordinary gain of brightness in the interior rooms.
    Its design allows the sash to be hidden from the outside, so it is impossible to distinguish the fixed areas from those that can be opened, thus obtaining a perfect homogeneity in the aesthetics of the facade .
      The 35 mm thermal barrier area and the polyolefin foam insert in the case and sash allow up to 1 value .0 W/m²K of space transmission, thus maximizing energy efficiency. These high thermal performances are complemented by a high degree of sound insulation, which this system achieves thanks to the possibility of installing bottles up to 40 mm thick.
      The categories achieved on the AEV test bench attest to excellent performance in tightness, permeability and the most resistance to good protection in the worst weather conditions.

Cortizo COR80

      The new concept of the European Canal hinged system is able to reach maximum levels of sealing, efficiency, energy and acoustic protection having the shortest assembly and manufacturing time.
      With a heel depth of 80 mm, this system responds to the most severe climatic demands, providing an excellent degree of efficiency energy due to the minimum thermal transfer value of the window (Uw), which can reach 0.8 W/m²K.
      These minimum values are achieved through a perfectly designed structure of the thermal barrier zone, with polyamides and tubular 45 mm the introduction of cross-linked polyolefin profiles both in the perimeter of the glass and inside the frame and sheet.

      The extended glazing capacity of up to 65 mm allows the use of energy-efficient glass, and the presence of large thicknesses and the double chamber give it excellent thermal and acoustic characteristics (up to 46 dB noise protection), which is expressed through maximum energy efficiency and complete comfort inside.
      The results obtained in the AEV tests define it as the window with the best permeability and sealing resistance characteristics, wind, to guarantee maximum protection against the most unfavorable atmospheric agents.
      The simplicity of assembly and minimal labor allow for a large series production, with the consequence of saving time and minimal costs.


 - Maximum glazing 65 mm

 - Possibility to open

 - Inner opening:

 - Swing, swing-swing, swing-parallel and swing

 - External opening: hinged, projecting

 -  Sections

Frame – 80 mm / Sheet – 88 mm

 -  Profile thickness

1.5 mm window

 Polyamide bar length 45 mm


 - Maximum dimensions/sheet

Width (L) = 1500 mm
Height (H) = 2600 mm

 - Maximum weight 160 Kg

Reference test 1.23 x 1.48 m 1 sheet.

- Thermal transfer coefficient 

Uw from 0.8 (W/m²K)

Consult the typology, size and glass
-  Maximum acoustic insulation Rw=46 dB

- Air permeability (UNE-EN 12207) CLASS 4

- Water tightness (UNE-EN 12208) CLASS E1950

- Wind resistance ((UNE-EN 12210) CLASS C5

Cortizo COR80 hidden sash

 Hidden sheet system 80mm deep
- Outer section only 66 mm
- Uw from 0.8 (W/m²K)
- More brightness
- It is possible to use  hardware with hidden hinges and  security hardware  Evo Security

-  Maximum glazing 50 mm

-  Opening possibility

Internal opening:

Swinging, oscillating-swinging and oscillating

-  Sections

Frame – 80 mm / Sheet – 80 mm

- Profile thickness   Window 1.9 mm

-  Polyamide bar length  45 mm

-  Maximum dimensions

width (L) = 1300 mm
Height (H) = 2400 mm

Standard solution

Width (L) = 1200 mm
Height (H) = 3500 mm

Hardware HD (Hinged opening)

- Maximum weight 160 Kg

Consult the maximum weight and dimensions according to the typology.

- Finishes      Possibility Bicolor / Painting / Anodizing

Cortizo COR2000 without BT

- Maximum glazing 30 mm

- Possibility of opening

Internal opening: Swing, swing-swing, folding, parallel swing and swing

External opening: Swing, sliding projecting, pivoting with horizontal or vertical grip.

- Sections

Shell – 45 mm / Sheet – 53 mm

- Profile thickness

1.5 mm window

Door 1.7 mm

- Maximum dimensions/sheet

Width (L) = 1,500 mm

Height (H) = 2,400 mm

- Maximum weight 120 Kg

Consult the maximum weight and dimensions according to the typology.

- Finishes  Painting / Anodizing

- Thermal transfer coefficient  Uw from 1.8 (W/m²K)

- Maximum acoustic insulation  Rw=39 dB

- Air permeability  (UNE-EN 12207:2000) CLASS 4

- Water tightness (UNE-EN 12208:2000) CLASS 9A

-  Wind resistance (UNE-EN 12210:2000) CLASS C5

Reference test 1.23 x 1.48 m, 2 sheets.

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