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Gealan S9000

LOGO Gealan
Ferestre Gealan S9000

     S 9000 este un sistem versatil, de ultima generatie, pentru ferestre, usi si usi sliding, with the choice of two or three sealing levels.


   - Suitable for mounting triple functional glazing with a maximum thickness of 52 mm (STV® 54 mm).

   - Tehnica inteligenta de etansare cu pâna la trei planuri de sealing.

  - Izolare termica si fonica foarte buna datorita_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_6-chamber structures and large construction depths of blind frames and sashes.

  - Optimizat pentru utilizarea STV®, pentru lipirea uscata a geamului pe întreaga suprafata a marginii rasfrânte a the sash.

  - Latime vizibila îngusta si înclinatie de 15° pentru un appearance as pleasant as possible.

   Optimized thermal insulation

      The development of a system with optimal thermal insulation properties is not accidental, but is the result of results-oriented development work. Our success confirms this. Numerous calculations have demonstrated excellent coefficients in terms of thermal insulation. From the beginning, the development objective was represented by the achievement of a coefficient Uf - 0.92 W/m²K for thermal insulation in the standard combination with steel and thus, compatibility with passive houses. This is possible because of all the innovative details that make up the system.

Gealan - Futura 

Windows suitable for passive houses, also available in the colored version

GEALAN-FUTURA® is the combination of individual profiles within the S 9000 system. This offers  the possibility to build, using standard profiles and standard 2 mm steel stiffeners, and colored window elements for passive houses, in accordance with ift directive WA-15/2. The verified Uf coefficient of 0.89 W/(m²K) confirms the basic characteristics excellent thermal insulation. With GEALAN-FUTURA®, when using the STV® bonding technique, maximum sash sizes of up to to 2.40 m are possible.

 Colțar gealan-futura

Entrance doors S9000

     Thanks to the depth of 82.5 mm and the modern 5-chamber technology, the new usa909b-35c19b-35-cc758 -136bad5cf58d_de entry S 9000 has excellent thermal insulation . The stability of the new front door is also impressive. This is achieved by a stiffening chamber extinsa , the steel stiffening elements with an adapted shape also contribute to the level of the corresponding stiffnesses to fixed joints at the level of the floor threshold by means of fastening the PVC and aluminum element on two planes.
     De asemenea, usa de intrare S 9000 se remarca prin solutia de sistem privind lacrimarul, which enhances the elements of the door not only from the point of view of appearance. Aceasta asigura o protectie optima împotriva ploilor torentiale si asigura o etanseitate maxima datorita garniturilor brush type in multiple layers in the threshold area.

  • thermal insulation excellent thanks to modern technology with 5 chambers

  • varied color range 

  • optimal protection against torrential rains

  • suitable for glass and panel thicknesses up to 52 mm

  • very good stability due extended stiffening chambers and corresponding stiffenings at the corners

Secțiune prag Usa S9000

Foil palette for S9000

Standard sheets

Extended standard sheets

Extra standard sheets 

Real Wood foils

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