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LOGO Alphapro

EXTREME ALPHAis the new system created by Alphacan to ensure the highest levels of

sealing and thermo-acoustic insulation. It is an innovative line of profiles, characterized by essential and modern lines. In the design phase, we took into account sustainability and the circular economy, for this reason

it contains a percentage of recycled PVC in accordance with sustainability.


10 reasons to choose Alphacan Extreme:

- Robustness and resistance: the PVC configuration is invulnerable to the aggressions of atmospheric agents

- The base color of the profiles and the color of the gaskets are perfectly harmonized with the outer foil of the profiles, 45 colors for customized finishes

- Extremely high performance upper insulation: excellent air and water sealing values

- Minimal and modular design: unique and distinctive feature

- Customized windows: discreet colors and elegant   decorations capable of harmoniously fitting into all living contexts.

- Energy savings: PVC windows contribute significantly to energy savings in buildings

- All PVC materials are guaranteed for 10 years

- Circular economy: internally recycled PVC makes it a sustainable product

- Minimal sections that guarantee a greater passage of natural light

- Windows with two sashes with reduced central node: for bright rooms


Sectiuni Alphacan Extreme

Basic colors 

Bianco liscio


Standard colors

Bianco classic 38

Cherry 35

Clear 630

Rovere classico 202

Noce classico 81

Grigio anthracite 397

Special colors

Aluminum 285

Amaretto 600

Harmony 736         RAL

Article F 28

Atacama H 50

Aurora 850

Avorio 08
RAL 9001

Basalt M 02

Matte Bianco F01
RAL 9016

Blue 948 
RAL 5011

Bronze 610

Cafe M01

Colonial 875

Corten A90

Graphites 691
RAL 7022

Grigio Chiaro 210
RAL 7035

Gray 30
RAL 7001

Infinito F35
RAL 9005

Iroko 209

Fondant 690
RAL 8022

The little 820
RAL 7016

Mocca 830
RAL 7048

Mahogany 32

Noce Castagno 187

Noce scuro 208

Oregon A 80

Rosso 18
RAL 3011

Rosso Bordeaux 119
RAL 3005

Sahara F 26

Testa de Moro 37

Titanium X C10

Tundra F 27

Green 36

Green Frasinato 160

Green Foglia 868
RAL 6005

Sage Green 127
RAL 6021

Vermont 990

My design colors


Marmo Brown

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