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Gates & Fences

     Protejati-va intimitatea, delimitati-va proprietatea si avoid unplanned entrances thanks to our range of fences and gates.

The aluminum gate and fence made by Winconcept Design has a classic and at the same time modern design, a refined solution. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_through excellence. The aluminum gate brings elegance and sobriety to the entrance of your property. It consists of a frame joined at the ends by a mechanical corner inside which aseaza the 100 mm wide blades. Unlike some steel gates, with more rounded shapes  this aluminum model adopts a shape righta right_right right_right. -136bad5cf58d_privacy is therefore perfect, your garden and yard  being completely isolated_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58_from the gaze of passers-by Aluminiu garanteaza acestor porti o rezistenta excelenta, pentru o greutate mai mica decât o poarta_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_metallica of the same size and, above all, increased durability over time, with minimal maintenance.

There are two types of gates

a. Swing doors 

      Usually they are installed between two concrete pillars  (in the photo above down) or between two aluminum or metal framing posts  . The pillars provided by us have the size of 50 x 50 mm and have the role of supporting the panels by means of 3 hinges  adjustable in three directions. If the gate is operated by an electric motor, then the panels must be reinforced with an intermediate horizontal crossbar on which the arm of the electric motor is mounted

  The pedestrian gate is delivered with some necessary accessories for its installation and operation: simple turnbuckle equipped with a European cylinder I6 from TITAN (cylinder 40-40)_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_with 3 keys; an aluminum handle;  3-axis adjustable hinges; 

Gard de aluminiu
Garduri de aluminiu
Ixengo L 24 V Io CFT pack

Product benefits

> Model suitable for small poles - poles with a width of only 80 mm.

> Suitable for the largest gates, reaching widths up to to 4 m or 400 kg/wing.

> Due intuitive operation, the self-learning function automatically adjusts the engine torque during the journey, to

guarantee correct operation and smoothness, in safe conditions full.

> Unique and advanced configuration of limiters, accessible from the top, with an LED light indicator that lights up when the correct position is reached.

> Console adjustable: 11 positions available for all mounting configurations.

> Manual disengagement commoda and reliable.

> Compatible with solar power sources, if mains power is difficult to achieve.

> Installation does not require special tools.

> Method simple and intuitive of installing the engine via the Fix & Go mobile application, including simple and intuitive instructions.

Motoare porți Ixengo

b. Sliding doors

Poarta culisanta
Panou gard aluminiu
Elixo 500 3 S IO comfort


Product benefits

Easy to install
- Easy access to ground screws de sus

Electronics 3S
- Fast installation and safe
  - Installation meets standards without any setting
  - Can be started in 2 minutes
  - All settings are pre-programmed
- Custom installation without hesitation
  - Intuitive ergonomics
      . Integrated communication screen
      . Real-time display of each  programming stage

Easy maintenance
- Real-time display of engine status 
- Opening and closing counter

Reliability and durability
- Mechanics and electronics are based on years of experience  within the Somfy group
- Suitable for residential use and tested for 55,000 openings and closings
- Durata lunga de viata cu oprire lina la capatul de sina

Convenient to use
- Fast: 15 seconds for a 3 m wide opening
- Easy unlock with key from inside

io homecontrol® technology
- Compatible with all equipment from Somfy io range
- Feedback from io full double-way controls
- Remote operation and control with TaHoma 

Motor Somfy ELIXO_500
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