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ILMO 50 WT 6/17

Motor Somfy ILMO2 50 WT
Logo Somfy Expert

General information

- Somfy Control Unit to protect the roller and extend its life
- Obstacle detection functions.
- Frost protection.
- Shock resistant
- Parallel wiring

Product benefits

Benefits for professionals

Without uncertainties on integration

- No adjustments, no possible mistakes
- No need to set rotation direction
- No installation training required, no maintenance
- Productivity and reliability: 10/10

Without installation settings

- Just insert the system into the socket and it activates automatically
- The setting of the race ends is adapted automat
- WT technology means ca different motorized rollers can be mounted in parallel
- Double insulation (Class 2) for Ø 40
- Possibility of resetting the engine without specific instruments

"Lock on startup"

- Rigid and locking connections: fast clamping and easy to fit into octagonal tubes of: Ø 40, 50 and Ø 60, with perfect end - limit detection and shock resistant.

Benefits for end users

Improve the life of rollers

- No maintenance required

Rigid connections and resistant to shocks

- Improve security with the anti-theft system
- More safety with obstacle detection

Frost protection

Customize each installation by choosing the wall control (Wired Controls).


Motor Somfy Oximo 50 io

General information

  • Oximo io: a universal motorization solution 
    - For all types of rolls.
    - Compatible with the whole range of LT accessories.

  • Somfy Control Unit technology
    - Cuplul motorului reglat electronic ofera durata de viata mai lunga ruloului si mecanismul .
    - Setting the upper-lower limits is every month (automatic setting mode): without maintenance.

  • Protection of the roller and motors
    - In case of obstacles, freezing temperatures and if the last hinge gets stuck.

Product benefits

Benefits for professionals

- Universal solution: adaptable for all types of rolls
- Electronic setting of the limits if the roll is equipped with stops and rigid links
- Compatible with double insulation accessories
- All the benefits of io homecontrol® technology (motor feedback)
- Compatible with io sensors and controls

Benefits for consumers

Benefits io homecontrol®: safety electrica, feedback, equipment control


- Optimization of window light
- Automatic protection of your home with the sun sensor
- Centralization
- Sun protection and efficient temperature setting with the help of the sun sensor

Roller protection

- Increases lifespan due Somfy Control Units
- In case of obstacles in the descent direction
- Frost protection


- Self-locking (rigid links) to increase safety and simulate presence

The short length of the motor allows motorization for narrow windows


General information

The kit is composed of:

12V radio RTS motor for external roller shutters.

  • 4 moduri de reglare: manuala /semi-automata sus - jos / complet automata (daca ruloul este equipped with fasteners and rigid links).

  • Favorite position configured in advance.

  • Built-in RTS radio receiver.

  • Frequency radio RTS 433.42: with coding in 16 million possibilities + variable code for safety maximum.

  • Delivered with cable, without support and without RTS transmitter.

  • It is not compatible with the sequential  type keygo, Keytis and code keyboard

A monocrystalline resin photovoltaic panel:

  • Weight: 230g.

  • Panel power: 3.2W.

A 12V battery with NimH technology (delivered charged):

  • Programming activated from a distance by button.

  • Battery capacity: 2200mAh.

  • Maximum energy storage time (before first use): 6 months at a temperature of 20°C.

  • Battery usage temperature: between -20° and + 70°C.

Product benefits

Easy to install: The lack of electrical wiring between the motor and the control unit as well as the lack of mains power prevent deterioration of the walls.

Constant effectiveness: With monocrystalline technology of a very good yield even at solar intensity weak and regardless of the orientation of the windows.

A longer life: Resistant panel. 5 year warranty.

Aesthetic installation: Allows unobtrusive integration into the box. The design of the facade of the house is preserved .

Battery Oximo Wirefree

  • A great duration of operation:

  • If the battery is very discharged, the last movement performed is to raise the roller blind.

  • It benefits from an optimal autonomy of 15 days even in the absence of sunlight, with 2 descents and 2 ascents per day at the base.

More security:

  • The engine can be turned off to limit battery discharge.

  • Backup solution for battery recharging thanks to the Somfy external battery charger.

  • Warranty 5 years.

OXIMO 40 WF  RTS II 10/12 II

Situation 1 and Article II EE

General information

     Telecomanda  1 group of equipment or control equipment.
Functions: up, down, stop and "my" button for setting their intermediate position.

Smoove origin io

Product benefits

• Control unit io-homecontrol with wall mounting, for operating a single equipment or group of equipment from a single camera.
•Actioneaza one or more equipment located in the same room.
•Comanda locala unidirectionala cu avertizor luminos care indica nivelul de autonomie.
•Functions: up, down, stop and "my" button for setting the intermediate position.
•The module and the frame are fixed with clips and the wall support with the help of 2 screws (they are not included in the package).
• Low battery indicator.
•Delivered with frame alba.


Centrala TaHoma

     Unitatea de comanda TaHoma ofera serviciile necesare pentru centralizarea, control, guidance and programming, in advance and remotely, of connected equipment in a home.


Gate, Hinged roller, Hinged protective screen, Awnings, Rollers, TaHoma, Garage doors, Pergola


     Protocoale / Frecventa:  io-homecontrol ( 868Mhz) / RTS (433Mhz)

Size (WxDxH):  110 x 71.25 x 28.13 mm

Weight:  ≈ 235gr

Power:  5Vdc/2A

Consumption:  0.1 A (nominal)

Connectors:  1x Ethernet RJ45 / 1x Micro-USB / 1x USB port

Operating temperature:   +0°C to +50°C / IP 20

Color:  White



> Easy to install. Menu designed with and for users: simple and intuitive.

> Instant access possible from home or from any corner of the world.


> Centralization of all remote controls, from smartphone, tablet or PC to control all compatible connected equipment.

> Wireless controls using io-homecontrol® radio technology.

> Calendar function: allows the creation of personalized scenarios, according to the lifestyle weekly.

> Smart function: autonomous controls with the help of brightness/presence/temperature/smoke sensors.

> Alarm function: the possibility of receiving notifications by email.

> TaHoma represents the first certified SYSS solution for the connected home, which guarantees unmatched data protection.


Centrala Connexoon


     Swing protection screen, Curtains, Swing roller, Pergola, Connexoon - Control unit_bb0-315-cc781 136bad5cf58d_for the home, Awnings, Gate, Garage doors, Roller shutters, Interior blinds and curtains

     Connexoon Windows

Program home and leave scenarios quietly from home, check if the doors and windows are open or closed wherever you are : from home or from a distance.

Discover a new meaning of the word comfort!

     Cu unitatea de comanda si aplicatia Connexoon Ferestre, poti sa_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_control remotely from your smartphone roller blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blinds, roof windows Velux, alarm*, interior siren, Philips HUE bulbs, opening detectors, locks and sensors that use technology io-homecontrol. Create closing and opening scenarios for roller blinds and activate them from your smartphone through the application. In case of inclement weather, check from a distance if the connected blinds are closed or open, from wherever you are.

*It is not compatible with the range of Somfy Protect equipment.

Click & Go

     Creeaza un scenariu în aplicatia Connexoon Ferestre care sa activeze alarm and close  the connected rollers and activate it on the smartphone.

Script programming

      With the Connexoon Windows application, program opening and closing scenarios for roller shutters, associated with weather sensors, for more comfort , or with an alarm, for more security. Home security becomes child's play !

Checking windows

 Retain control in any situation! Wherever you are, use the application on your smartphone to remotely check whether the connected Venetian blinds or blinds are closed properly or if the alarm is activated.

     Connexoon Terrace

     Switch  connected on the module. Create ambients, save them, play them with a simple press and manage the_equipment.

     Cu aplicatia Connexoon Terasa si sistemul de automatizare a casei, poti sa_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_control from a distance, from your smartphone, awnings and lights that use io-homecontrol technology. Create scenarios on your smartphone and play them whenever you want. In case of bad weather, check if your connected equipment is open or closed, wherever you are.

Ambience creator

     Create ambient Use the Connexoon Terasa app to create custom scenarios that use connected equipment: Philips Hue bulbs, music, outdoor screens, sensors or pergola and play them all with a single_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_screen touch.

Photograph and play

      See your favorite ambient photos with your smartphone! You can play them again by activating the associated scenario from the Connexoon Terasa application!

Double control

      Keep control in any situation! Check from a distance, from the application, the position of the blinds connected on the terrace. If the weather is bad, close them to protect them

     Connexoon Access

     Comuta caile de acces în modul conectat pentru a te bucura de o întâmpinare calduroasa_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_when you come home, to make sure that you have a home protected_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b5cf58d_check and manage the equipment while you are gone Remote.

      Do you want to enjoy a place with easy access?

With the control unit and the Connexoon Terasa application, you can control your gate, garage door, alarm*, Philips HUE bulbs, locks and sensors remotely from your smartphone which use io-homecontrol technology. Thanks to the geolocation function of the application, you can get rid of the small daily constraints and return home relaxed. You can manage the connected equipment at your pleasure, remotely.

*It is not compatible with the range of Somfy Protect equipment.


Thanks to geolocation, the gate, garage doors and lights are automatically activated even before you return home. After what you park, everything closes again automatically. Welcome home!

      Access Verification

Verifica daca alarma este activata si daca poarta si usa de garaj sunt închise cum trebuie. Stay without worry and protect your home, even from a distance, for even more security.

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